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Zen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Zen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

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If you're after to purchase a Zen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace As we come to the end of the summer and make our way to the autumn, most of us begin to make plans to take the cold in these days of dark winters. And nothing makes a nice cool night cuddling in front of a crisp fire. Unfortunately, not everyone has secured the money or the space for the correct installation and a real wood fireplace. In addition, there is work, the waste and firewood fees, the problems of maintenance and the dangers of smoke and fire. But what if you get the atmosphere and the extra heat without problems? This is where the electric fireplaces are effective. Electric fireplaces are always the latest trend fast, most in modern furniture. There are almost an unlimited number of styles, colors, and surfaces to suit a wide range of decorations. In addition, technological improvements have seen the flames so realistic in some units, you will forget that you do not have to throw another log on the fire.

How can they work?

to really make it very easy to function electric fireplaces by connecting them to an electrical outlet, usually after installing at home. Zen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Electricity supplies the lights of the unit that supposedly imitate the look and movement of real flames.

Another an element of the electric fireplace is the radiator that radiates heat to a room to heat up and feel as if you are facing an actual fire. Although realistic, there is not a open flame, leaving the unit smoke. They are also kept cool making it a safe option for children and pets. This also makes it much simpler to keep clean. Most of the electric fireplaces can be operated with the button or radio control, and some have even to deactivate settings automatically after a certain period of time.

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Zen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Styles and finishes

Whether your home is modern or traditional, our selection of electric fireplaces has covered you with smooth wall units, built in rustic models, old and autonomous. If you are looking for a modern fireplace, check the heaters with minimalist design features such as a stainless steel ring. More detailed and traditional designs with beautiful wood carvings are also available.

There is also a wide range of finishes available, which surely match your decor. Here are some of our most popular options:
Stainless steel, mahogany, espresso, oak, stone, black, white / ivory

In addition, flame bed options range from traditional newspaper along with the glass or the modern stone.

Advantages of electric fireplaces

In addition to the variety of design styles (modern to traditional) and realistic flame, register while the characteristics of glowing electric fireplaces glowing, there are many other advantages to own one.

At an affordable price

  • Electric fireplaces allow users to rotate the central heating in the house at a lower temperature and heat only the most frequently used space with an electric fireplace. This enables the user to save to their monthly heating costs.
  • Electric fireplaces cost from 7 to 13 cents per hour to operate. Gas systems can cost more than 20 cents one hour to operate, in accordance with the rates of local public services.
  • The installation costs for electric fireplaces are extremely low as most models do not need to be connected to a gas pipe or chimney.

Safety devices

  • There isn’t any real flame to make it the safest electric fireplaces for children and pets. More electric fireplaces drive the heat in a room with a fan blowing inside the unit by a heated electric coil.
  • It can be switched on and off, as opposed to a fireplace
  • Many houses have electric timer settings


If you leave your electric fireplace on, you should use the thermostat or temperature control to choose a Zen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace reasonable temperature. Choose a level that makes you feel good, but not too hot. The thermostat is to protect against excessive warming of the house by turning off when it starts to overheat, then back up as the temperature drops.

You need to make sure you check around the fireplace, on their including there to make sure nothing is caught. You should leave a certain amount of clear space before and above the top of the chimney. Make sure that no drinks are placed in or near the house.


An electric fireplace costing money. Even in low settings, your power calculation increases the time that is the focus. If you do not want any surprises in your account the next month, make sure to turn it off.

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