Pinnacle 49-inch Corner Unit 102506 from Nexera – Black

Pinnacle 49-inch Corner Unit 102506 from Nexera – Black Visit to online shopping mall

Pinnacle 49-inch Corner Unit 102506 from Nexera - Black

As we come to the end of the summer and make our way to the autumn, most of us begin to make plans to take the cold in these days of dark winters. And nothing makes a nice cool night cuddling in front of a crisp fire. Unfortunately, not everyone has secured the money or the space for the correct installation and a real wood fireplace. In addition, there is work, the waste and firewood fees, the problems of maintenance and the dangers of smoke and fire. But what if you get the atmosphere and the extra heat without problems? This is where the electric fireplaces are effective. Electric fireplaces are always the latest trend fast, most in modern furniture. There are almost an unlimited number of styles, colors, and surfaces to suit a wide range of decorations. In addition, technological improvements have seen the flames so realistic in some units, you will forget that you do not have to throw another log on the fire.


Pinnacle 49-inch Corner Unit 102506 from Nexera - Black

Pinnacle 49 inch Corner 102506 Nexera Get online store 2017

Electric fireplaces: Our opinion and suggestions

Three electric fireplaces have overcome our online through its heating capacity, overall concept as well as the practical properties. Our superior product Pinnacle 49-inch Corner Unit 102506 from Nexera – Black was warm for having the ability to high rank a large room, the high wide range of btu and device design and comfort.

An electric fireplace provides results similar to a standard heating fireplace. However, electric fireplaces offer the warmth and atmosphere which you might seem like to add to your house without the hassle of a standard fireplace. In addition, provide the modern and elegant appearance of an electric fireplace wall electrical any space in your own home gives an instant renovation.


How does an electric fireplace work?

The typical electric fireplace works with a standard 120 volt outlet and uses two types of heat, forced fan and infrared quartz.

  • Fan Forced: A silent fan to produce hot coils blowing heat in the room,
  • Infrared Quartz: The heat is provided by the invisible infrared light. The light heats things that surround her around him instead of air – the people who create furniture, the body – removes a comfortable environment in a safe distance of 3 feet.

When any kind of fireplace is in operation, everything except the zone of heating, remains cool on the touch element. This makes an electric fireplace an attractive option for people with small children or pets.


When installing an electric fireplace, you should place it carefully to be able that there is enough space around it. You’ve got to measure the area as the area you’ll want to make use of the house so it’s possible to be sure it is completely safe to utilize.

Installing a wall or fixed chimney is a good idea in case you have little space. You’ll want to be sure that nothing is right during the fireplace, and you are going to discover about 3 to 6 meters of space. This is certainly all about avoiding a fire.

such a long time while you install a freestanding fireplace, its also wise to make sure there would be nothing near the fireplace that could fall and hit the chimney.

Also keep in your mind that there is space over the fireplace, and you need to be very careful with what is positioned in the fireplace if there is certainly one. It can be tempting to put a vase with water and flowers on the Sims or even temporarily rest a drink from the ledge, nevertheless you should always keep liquids and drinks remote fireplaces. As with other electrical parts, these electric heaters are not designed to safeguard against water. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to